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Skinnable GUI library for XNA 4
Neoforce Controls library provides WinForms like UI for your XNA project.




Source code is now maintained at GitHub.

6/04/2013 New Life!

The Neoforce Project will, continue on. A new change set is now available. Along with a new binary release, including most of the bug fixes submitted to the issue tracker. 

New skins are also available, with the binary release, and the source.

3.1 Will still be available for historical purposes.

If you have any questions or issues with the new release, either make a discussion about the issue, or a new item in the issue tracker.

Old notes to the project:

- this project is no longer maintained or developed
- full source code for XNA 4 version is available to you
- there is also last XNA 3.1 release, however source code is not available
- XNA 4 release works for x86 -- to make it work for Xbox 360 you have to update some code
- the main problem is XmlDocument is no longer available for Xbox 360 runtime, you can replace it with XDocument
- System.IO.Compression class is also not available so you have to replace the code or get rid of it altogether
- when you manage to update these parts you should be ready to go for Xbox 360 platform
- x86 version works well for the my testing project, but it doesn't cover every way how you can use the library, so some problems may arise in your project


- facts about the source code:
  1. you won't find many comments there
  2. some parts left there as I were prototyping a new functionality, so it might not be optimized
  3. some things could be solved more effectively or in another way
  4. to sum it up - it is not perfect by any means
  5. I most likely won't be able to provide much of a support for this project anymore, however you can always try and ask -- it costs nothing afterall

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