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Request: Serializable Controls


Basically straight foreward - Make all the of the controls serializable - so that those added to manager can be saved ( for GUI editor sake ).

I had to wrap all the controls in my project to serialize them ( however was planning on doing my own branch at a later stage of the original repo to add serialization to all objects inheriting from Control )

Just leaving this here as being able to dump the entire UI structure to XML makes UI editing much easier. Im not sure if it's possible on XBOX however ( I have only developed on windows. )


grimston wrote May 23, 2013 at 5:22 AM

For what I understand XBox has issues with XML reader/writer

I plan to add a method to Controls and the Manager to export and import XML files.

Current Idea is for the Manager to do this, by Looping all controls and using reflection to output the properties. But by design would not work too well with say.. a gui editor built with Neoforce.

So another method would be applied to controls to do the same thing. loop all child controls and export.

This way you can then export a Window Control, with children to a file for example (CharacterPanel.xml)

But as I said this is still planning any ideas would be appreciated on this matter