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manager = new Manager(this, graphics, "Default", true); don't work


im realy happy to see the neoforce has been supported again, i think about converting my application to use this one it give more things.

so when i just want to make a test, i can't run my application cause this line crash :
manager = new Manager(this, graphics, "Default", true);
it say that the manager constructor doesn't take 4 arguments.
so i have to use it that way :
manager = new Manager(this, graphics, "Default");
but in the tutorial you said that :
/ Create an instance of manager using Default skin. We set the fourth parameter to true,
// so the instance of manager is registered as an XNA game component and methods
// like Initialize(), Update() and Draw() are called automatically in the game loop.
// If you set this parameter to false, you have to call Manager.Initialize(), 
// Manager.Update() and Manager.Draw() manually in their respective overriden methods
// of the game class.
// If you use two-parameter constructor, Default skin is used and manager is registered.
manager = new Manager(this, graphics, "Default", true);  
i think it's a usefull that 4th argument as i don't need to type manager.initialize() manager.update() ...
so does it work or not ?


morpher wrote Sep 13, 2013 at 11:16 AM