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[NF 3.1] Panel limited width


Hey, just posting this up, but with neoforce controls 3.1, when I create a panel, I am unable to make it wider than the actual screen size :(
Anyone know any possible ways around this?


grimston wrote Dec 23, 2010 at 1:18 AM

Just set the MaximumWidth or MaximumHeight then re size to the desired size, why you would want to make it larger then the screen is another matter

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bigbob85 wrote Dec 23, 2010 at 5:13 AM

Setting MaximumWidth to 1024, on a screen space size (xna window size) of 800px wide. Then resizing a control will still cause it to be only 800px wide.

The reason for this was to have a timeline object, with labels attached to it. The timeline object (probably a panel) would be say, 4000px wide, indicating that there is 400 seconds in this timeline. If a label (whos parent is the panel) is at position 1000px, you can know that it is at the position of 100 seconds. That way you only need to move the panel, and everything else will move.

After I had posted this originally I had thought about it some more. NF will render things to a texture, and that could become a large texture size. I had now created a system with NF scroll bars, and the value of the scroll bar corelates to the position of current visible time frame, and all the other items will move when the scrollbar is changed. Just need a zoom feature to scale the time and im all good.

As far as this issue goes, its not solved, but may not need solving as doing so could be a performance issue.

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